A Family Story

In business for nearly 70 years, at Portes & Fenêtres Benoit, we are a team passionate first and foremost about everything that concerns wood! Over the years, we have developed great expertise in manufacturing high quality doors and windows. We are dedicated to offering personalized services adapted to your image and designed to meet your expectations.

As a family business for the past 3 generations, we stand out thanks to our high-quality, eco-responsible products and with our customized service. Our team will support your renovation or new building project, from the choice of materials to product installation.

Portes et Fenêtres Benoit
Fondation de l’entreprise Portes et Fenêtres Benoît

Door and Window Company Founded

Louis-Antoine Benoît started his door and window business in 1950, convinced of its relevance. He then proceeded in building his first 2,400 square foot plant.

Usine en portes et fenêtres


Mr.Benoît was forced to perform three consecutive plant expansions between 1961 and 1977 in order to meet the growing client demand.

Nouveaux produits et nouvelles technologies en portes et fenêtres

Rise of the Next Generation

Bruno and Mario, Louis-Antoine’s two sons, worked in the business for many years and then bought the company to pursue operations. Their constant search for new products and new technologies ensured the company's success.

Portes et fenêtres de qualité

Riding High

With its 20,000 square foot plant area, the company continues to enjoy a comfortable position on the market. Keeping Louis-Antoine Benoît’s first goals alive ensures, even in the '90s, personalized service and a broad range of quality products to clients who renovate or build new projects.

Portes et fenêtres modernes

Complete Equipment and Infrastructure Upgrades

Responding to new realities, the company totally modernizes its equipment and infrastructure in order to continue its momentum and offer clients modern products and launch into the digital age.

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